Office space

Inyathelo also has meeting and training rooms, plus private, fully furnished offices (each suitable for two to three people), spanning R3392.29/month for 11.4m² to R7006.56/month for 28.9m². These are complemented by facilities such as uncapped internet, a book lounge and meeting pods.

Parking costs range from R594 to R926.50/month depending on the location, access control and cover.

Rental office 1 (Occupied)

Rental office 2 (Occupied)

Rental office 3 (Occupied)

Rental office 4 (Occupied)

Rental office 5 (Occupied)

Rental office 6

28.9sqm 17.5sqm 13.9sqm 13.5sqm 17.6sqm 11.4sqm
R 7,006.56 R 4,921.90 R 3,514.89 R 3,485.00 R 4,926.32 R 3,392.29